Olion Just Stole Some of Apple’s Thunder; Startup Unveils a WHDI Case for the iPhone

Oh my…. Everyone knows the next big thing for smartphones is wireless display, where one duplicates their phone’s screen to a TV. Seeing an opportunity here, Olion has set out to bring this future tech to current generation phones — initially with the iPhone. As you can see in the attached demo video, Olion’s Moov prototype case integrates a WHDI board that mirrors your phone’s screen to an HDTV from up to 30 feet away with nearly no discernible lag (latency is less than 1ms). Moov works both in portrait and landscape mode, but really shines for playing games or movies in widescreen. No word on availability or price. But I’m sure with all the interest (and possibly additional funding) they’ll be getting, the product should hopefully be out sometime this year or next. [via]

What do you think? Is this something you’d want?


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