Dual-sided Motorola NYXboard IR / RF Remote Now Available for Pre-Order

Pulse-Eight, a XBMC system builder, has just listed Motorola’s NYXboard dual-sided remote up for pre-sale on its website for $59.99 (ETA: 6/27/11). The remote was originally intended for TV set-top box use, but apparently Pulse-Eight talked Motorola into letting it sell the XBMC compatible remote on its own. The NYXboard is IR and RF capable (requires no line of sight, good for up to 30ft), it provides a QWERTY keyboard on the backside, offers programmable quick launch buttons, and can easily manage your TV, DVD Player, Blu-Ray Player and/or Amplifier thanks to its IR capability. It may not be the prettiest remote, but it makes up for that with its versatility and price point. [via]

FYI, the Motorola NYXboard is out-of-the-box compatible with Windows, Linux, and the first generation Apple TV.

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