Spotify Box Player Prototype ROCKS!

If there was ever a concept product that should be brought to market ASAP, Spotify Box is the one. This prototype player (at least in this walkthough) can easily be configured over the network with your PC and is able to auto-play your Spotify playlists using magnetized RFID discs. Once the music begins playing, users can then skip forward or back through the playlist with a touch of button or stop playing the music completely by removing the RFID disc. In addition, the perforated front panel allows LEDs to shine through and provide icon-based status alerts regarding the battery level, network problems, etc. Spotify Box is essentially a tactile low-tech / high-tech concept for Internet radios.

Regarding the RFID setup:

The RFID tags don’t store any music, they are just linked to a certain Spotify URI or search. Each tag has a unique ID, and each unique ID points to Spotify music. That’s it, the music is not in the tag, it’s on Spotify.

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