Cablevision Launches 300-channel, Live TV iPad App

Whoa, I think Cablevision just hit a home run here. The cable TV provider just surpassed Time Warner Cable’s 32 (recently reduced to 20) live TV channel offering via the iPad. Cablevision’s new Optimum App for iPad supports approximately 300 live TV channels, provides set-top DVR management, access to VoD content, and enhanced programming search. The caveat, however, is that one can only view the live TV programming within the home. Live TV is not accessible remotely via Wi-Fi or 3G. According to the company’s press release, Cablevision is using “its secure and proprietary Advanced Digital Cable television network to deliver cable programming to customers.”

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  1. I don’t really understand why anyone would really be all that excited about this. Sure it’s nice to be able to watch TV on your iPad, but if you can’t watch it outside of your home, why bother? Isn’t that what my big screen is for? When I want to watch TV on my iPad it’s because I’m NOT home, which is precisely what I get from DISH Network’s TV everywhere service. Being an employee I heard about our TV everywhere ability when it was first released and since I live an on-the-go lifestyle, I was eager to try it out. It’s come in handy more times than I can count but that’s mainly because I can watch all of my programming anywhere I go. I just don’t see the point though, if I couldn’t use it outside of my home.

    • Of course, watching TV on your HDTV is the ideal place to consume content. However, many folks are also interested in watching TV from any location in the house they choose. What’s more, having access to a providers entire channel lineup is just icing on the cake.