TweePLayer Tries to Do the Impossible, Bring Real-time Tweets to Live and Recorded Content

I’m actually a little blown away here (in concept). TweePLayer is a new service that’s taking the Social TV experience to a whole new level. Many have noted that live, must-see TV has rebounded a bit with users checking in and following their favorite shows’ tweet streams in real-time. Well, now TweePLayer plans to simplify that process and make it so one can also follow the conversation at time that’s more convenient to them. Essentially the service synchronizes the archived tweet stream for a TV event with the time you finally get around to hitting play on the related video via the Web or your DVR [DEMO]. Currently the service is accessible via your web browser; however, dedicated Android and iOS apps are coming soon. More about the service below, as well as some of the creative ideas the TweePLayer team plans on implementing.

AI Enhanced Hash-tags

TweePLayer uses AI that tracks a conversation about an event and discovers new parts of the conversation. It dynamically adjusts target keywords to a particular event. “We are constantly adding new layers of intelligent tools to sift through all of the Twitter conversations for not only relevant but higher value parts of the conversation so users won’t be overwhelmed with tens of thousands of relevant but unimportant Tweets. We believe this will lead to a more vibrant and intelligent social media conversation.” said TweePLayer CEO Mick Darling

TweePLayer Allows Whole New Kinds of Conversations

Now that conversations can easily be synced to events TweePLayer will soon allow users to create conversation ‘Channels’ about an event. A “spoiler free” channel for TV shows that have already aired, or a “Book Club” channel to discuss a show in depth on any number of possible common interests for people, or even an MST3K-Style channel. We will soon have channels directly reflecting your social graph allowing you to ‘throttle” your conversations so you can discuss events with just the people you are connected to on Twitter or Facebook, or discuss town hall meetings with people in your area.

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