Will You Opt-in to Letting Netflix Announce Your Viewing Activity on Facebook?

Word is Netflix is planning deep integration with Facebook. The company is currently testing out their new app so subscribers can receive recommendations based on their interests and share with friends everything they’ve watched, rated, and currently have in their queue. The Facebook app will require a new terms of service for Netflix subscribers to agree to, but thankfully one can quit at any time and limit what information gets shared, according to Investors Business Daily. Sounds familiar, no? Blockbuster had a similar Facebook app that came out when Facebook’s Beacon product was introduced in 2007 and then cancelled in 2009. Lets just say things didn’t go so well then — people’s activities were getting shared with more eyeballs than one was lead to believe. We’ll see if Facebook and Netflix can do better. Aside: Netflix just received a privacy related class action lawsuit. Apparently there’s this pesky law from the ’80s that protects people from having others know what they’ve rented.

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