MerMar Designs Unveils Ether IR, an Ethernet Enabled Universal Remote Control System

The goal for many creating a home theater system is to one day be able to manage the whole system with one remote, and ideally from another room or from a component closest. Well, MerMar Designs may have a solution that will interest you. The “open source electronics” developer has an Ethernet board that has been designed to work as a universal remote transmitter for all your IR controlled devices. It’s managed using a smartphone’s browser or from a browser on any networked PC or tablet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. So far Ether IR is at the prototype stage, but it definitely looks promising. The developer has posted details of his project to WISH, but I’d suggest posting his idea on Kickstarter to get real feedback and funding. Post any thoughts you’d like to share with MerMar Designs below.  [via]

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2 Reactions to “MerMar Designs Unveils Ether IR, an Ethernet Enabled Universal Remote Control System”

  1. Ensure the design uses POE as a powering option.

  2. Fernando says:

    Wesley, right on target!
    I’d suggest a receiver and high power output on the transmitter, so we can use ANY remote control from ANY location (even miles away!) without any additional device.
    The rationale: almost every home has a wired or WiFi IP network, but still the majority of audio and video controllers are IR, and great advances have been made on all-in-one units, but they are still IR… Imagine been able to have a small box you can point with your remote -any remote- and on the other end the IR burst hitting the Set Top Box, Blue Ray, Receiver, etc