MUST SEE: ‘One Day With The New Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1’ Video by AndroidHD

Wow, I’ll let AndroidHD’s video speak for itself. It’s by far the best demo of Android Honeycomb I’ve seen to date. The nearly 12 minute video, as you may have guessed from the title, showcases Samsung’s upcoming GALAXY Tab 10.1. You’ll also see that there’s nothing “inadequate” about this Tegra 2 powered device. In fact, I think it’s one of the stronger Honeycomb tablets set to hit the market. Plus, I personally like the texture contoured, hard plastic backplate. It kind of reminds of a material you’d see in a car or part of some high-end luggage. No doubt it helps keep the overall weight down, while looking stylish, and comfortable to hold. FYI, the tablet weighs 599 grams or 1.32 pounds (yes, that’s lighter than the new iPad 2). [via]


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