Apple Brings and NBA League Pass to Apple TV; Where’s the ATV App Store?

Good news for sports fans who own a second generation Apple TV. Apple has decide to roll out a pair of premium apps as part of the iOS 4.2 update (not 4.3) on Apple TV: and NBA League Pass. Unfortunately, users still don’t have a proper ATV app store to download additional services from. What does this make it… 6 apps in total for the platform? Seriously, Apple TV is so far behind Roku and Boxee it’s not even funny. I think a lot of us are curious if Apple is even planning on flipping the switch on an app store at any point in the near future. One of our Facebook friends chimed in our recent poll that Apple may be waiting until they release of an A5 equipped Apple TV with a better input mechanism or an update to iOS that will improve the TV interface. Sure, possibly…. What do you think is going on? What apps do you want to see come next? A UK twitter user just posted he’d rather of seen an announcement for LOVEFiLM.

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