Criterion Collection Added to Hulu Plus’ Movie Catalog

Film aficionados will be pleased to learn that the entire Criterion Collection of classic and contemporary international films will be making their way to Hulu Plus for all to view in HD at no additional charge. So far Hulu has 150 Criteron Collection titles available, with more trickling in every day. The entire Criterion Collection includes more than 800 movies with titles like The 400 Blows, L’Avventura, The Battle of Algiers, Breathless, La Jetée, Jules and Jim, M, Pickpocket, Playtime, Rashomon, Seven Samurai, La Strada, and The Wages of Fear. There’s also good news for non-Hulu Plus subscribers, too. Hulu says they will periodically rotate films from the Criteron Collection for general viewing.  Another interesting tidbit… Hulu Plus members will be able to view these films free of interruptions. “Any ads will play up front,” states Hulu. Aside: this streaming offering of the entire Criterion Collection sounds like it may be exclusive only to Hulu (sorry, Netflix users).

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