Biggest News from MWC 2011 May Be OnLive Cloud Gaming via Android Tablets and Smartphones

Sure HTC’s 7-inch “Flyer” Android tablet, with its custom Sense interface and tablet optimized apps, unveiled at MWC 2011, is a show stopper. However, a technology that this tablet and other Android devices will soon support may be even better. Below is a demo of OnLive’s $9.99/mo cloud gaming service running on the HTC Flyer with on-screen touch controls and through an HTC EVO 4G connected to a TV. But the trick part of the HTC EVO 4G setup is that one can use a paired wireless OnLive game controller for gameplay. See for yourself below and tell us you’re not impressed that your phone or tablet can run Xbox 360 / PS3 quality games as if they were running natively on the device. Hat tip to SlashGear for the video. FYI, OnLive Viewer is available in the App Store right now for the iPad — does not include gameplay functionality… just viewing.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This article is incorrect. OnLive as a service is free to log on and use, not 9.99/mo. They do have a playpack offering where you can play full versions of, currently, 38 different games that is 9.99/mo. But to log on, spectate people, play 30 min demos, rent/buy games, the service is free.

    • Yes, this service does have other options besides the $9.99/mo unlimited plan. Free to try and spectate + a la carte 3/5-day rent or purchase options. I’m curious what the percentage split is between the various offerings… I’m guessing the unlimited monthly plan gets the most use (it’s reasonable enough).