EFO Google TV Mini Wireless Keyboard Now Available

Remember the Rii Wireless Mini Keyboard we gushed over? Well, EFO now has a model optimized for Google TV. In fact, they’ve made it in two flavors, Bluetooth or RF, to suit your needs. MSRP is $65, but they have a $45.50 pre-order special going until February 15th. If you’re wondering what the difference between this model and the standard wireless mini keyboard is, this version has multimedia keys — home, volume, player, browser controls — where the other had only function keys. Everything else is pretty much the same. Give it a once over… I think you’ll like it. Something tells me this mini keyboard will work with any Windows / Mac / Linux HTPC system as well — not just Google TV. Attached below is a demo of the keyboard controlling a Logitech Revue.


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1 Reaction to “EFO Google TV Mini Wireless Keyboard Now Available”

  1. doom says:

    I ended up returning my Google TV, mainly because the keyboard supplied does not have illuminated keys. I may be weird but I tend to watch TV at night. In the dark.

    Oh, that and no Hulu Plus.