Comcast Finds 67% of Polled Subscribers Are Interested in Interactive TV Features

Lets leave the discussion of second screens on the side for a moment. Comcast found that participants polled from their Comcast Advisors Panel were either “very interested” (39%) or “somewhat interested” (28%) in having interactive TV (iTV) features where one could vote on the outcomes of a show, be polled, or request additional information on products and services directly through their TV. Comcast admits to having “invested heavily over the past year to make TV more interactive,” which is interesting to read. Being a Comcast subscriber, I can only think of one instance where I’ve seen an “interactive feature.” It was during the California governor’s race last year. Meg Whitman bought up a bunch of advertising through Comcast and offered, through an on-screen pop-up, to provide viewers more information and a bumper sticker if they pushed X button on their remote. I can definitely see a show like American Idol and its viewers taking advantage of an interactive voting feature. No doubt advertisers are drooling at the opportunity as well —  though it’s unclear how one would be able to get additional information instantly through Comcast, if one chose the option. I guess we’ll learn soon enough.

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