Cord-cutters Made Up 0.18% of the Market in 2010, Expected to Hit 2% Globally in 2015

Is “cord-cutting,” the act of intentionally replacing your cable / satellite TV service with a free to low cost IP-based over-the-top solution(s), overhyped? It appears so — at least until the end of this decade. According to Informa Telecoms & Media’s recent study, the research firm found that there were only 1.2 million cord-cutters worldwide in 2010, equivalent to just 0.18% of the pay TV total. Of that total, 36% (426,000) of them were from the U.S. Nevertheless, Informa Telecoms & Media predicts that the global number will jump to 2% in 2015, with Europe and Asia Pacific leading the pack. The research firm sums up their findings by stating: “Although Informa anticipates growth in cord-cutters over the next five years, there is no suggestion of the global meltdown of pay TV subscribers and business models suggested by the more vociferous proponents of OTT.” What do you folks say: Agree or Disagree?

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2 Reactions to “Cord-cutters Made Up 0.18% of the Market in 2010, Expected to Hit 2% Globally in 2015”

  1. It would seem that “cord cutting” is a matter of interpretation. People say they are cutting the cord, but they appear to be connecting a different one. And maybe they might find that the subscriptions they pay for add up quickly.

    On the Roku, the NetFlix subscription is great. And the added channels are as well. But it is still a long way to cutting the cord. Even if you throw in a Hulu Plus subscription, there’s still quite a bit of TV you will not be able to reach.

    Buddy –

  2. Beauty says:

    There is no way I would be without my service. I just heard of all this “cord cutting” and it just seems lame to me. Some people don’t even do it legally and it just isn’t right. As a customer and employee with DISH, if you don’t want to pay the amount other companies are charging you and want more for your money; I have to say you need to come to DISH.  DISH just offers so much to their customers that some people don’t realize it. My personal favorite it the Sling adapter because it allows me to watch LIVE TV everywhere I go and to view my DVR recordings. I also enjoy the Blockbuster Movie Pass. It allows me to stream thousands of on demand titles, get movies (TV shows and games) through the mail and get 20 extra movie channels from DISH. Both are currently free and worth it. So don’t cut the cord just yet. Come to DISH!