Skifta DLNA Media Shifting ‘Play To’ Solution Launched on Android

Skifta, a DLNA-based project that was originally designed for NAS products (see: NETGEAR ReadyNAS), has just launched a new Android app that enables one to access photo, music, playlists, and video files from local or remote DLNA certified NAS servers or PC’s with Skifta’s desktop software, as well as from select cloud-based services through its Channels tab, and zap them for playback to any detected DLNA/UPnP certified receiver (i.e. stereo, TV, PC, game console, etc.) for playback using their Android smartphone or tablet. Skifta says that their new mobile app is the first software application to receive DLNA certification as part of DLNA’s new initiate to work with a wider range of software developers. If you’re running Android 2.2 or above, you can download the Skifta app (currently in Beta) at no-charge via the Android Market. Another nice alternative you can take for a spin as well is Twonky Mobile, which basically does the same thing (previous coverage) but without remote server support. The only glaring function missing from the app is local file access, which both Apple’s AirPlay technology on iOS devices and Twonky Mobile are both capable of. Once that gets in there, though, Skifta will be the most advanced offering of its kind. UPDATE: the Getting Started slides (as well as this video) show that Skifta can stream media from the phone locally — you’ll see your phone model in the list of “media sources” under the Home tab. Let us know how Skifta works out for you.




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2 Reactions to “Skifta DLNA Media Shifting ‘Play To’ Solution Launched on Android”

  1. Stefan Lilov says:

    Take a look at iMediaShare – it is available for Android 1.6+ devices and it streams online content from various services.

  2. Arkuda Digital says:

    There are several other interesting DLNA applications:
    ArkMC, BubbleUPnP.