Redbox Renting Some DVDs on the Same Day of Their Release

Remember how Blockbuster likes to boast that they get DVDs 28 days before Netflix or Redbox? Well, that’s not entirely accurate anymore (or never really was). I have a Redbox just down the street from me, which is convenient if I want to watch something relatively new on DVD or Blu-ray on the cheap. I noticed over the past two weeks that some of the “Tuesday new releases” for sale have lined up to what’s new to rent through the kiosk. For example, Secretariat, Red, and Saw: The Final Chapter were all released on Tuesday (1/24/2011) for general retail sale and are available through Redbox. Last week (1/18/2011) it was Buried and Takers. Don’t believe me… check out and this handy DVD release calendar. Not bad for a buck. The reality is that Blockbuster only has exclusivity deals with select studios (i.e. Fox, Sony, Universal, Warner Bros.), so anything not from the group is fair game on Redbox or Netflix for that matter — just FYI. UPDATE: I just got a quick clarification in my inbox from Redbox. They say Sony titles are available to them (not Netflix) on the same day and date as well.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You are right when you say that Redbox has always had new releases available on the day and date of their release. However, this immediate availability only applies to approximately 40% of the movies made. You see, anything that is released from Universal, 20th Century/Fox or Warner Bros. These three studios account for about 60% of the movies made and Redbox, Netflix and Blockbuster Express alike must all wait 28 days before releasing for rent. So the Blockbuster stores have the advantage only about 60% of the time. And so there is no confusion on the Blockbuster Express kiosks, they are actually solely owned by NCR (National Cash Register) and Blockbuster only licenses their name to them for a portion of each rental. If you want to see new releases the week they come out but you like renting from kiosks, you get the best of both worlds from finding some of the smaller kiosk operaters in the market like Instaflix (New England), Roxi (mid-South) or Treehouse Movies (Rocky Mtn Region). These smaller players are usually just as convenient, have the same value proposition and provide better customer service.