Study Finds 86% of Mobile Internet Users Fiddle with Their Devices While Watching TV

Jeez, what does this say about us? Nielsen | Yahoo! have just published a study [PDF], consisting of 8,384 U.S. residents age 13-64, and found that “86% of mobile Internet users (and 92% of 13-24s) are using their mobile devices simultaneously with TV.” Of those 86%, “a quarter of them say they are browsing content related to what they are watching….” A better breakdown to what people are doing on their devices and the type of sites they’re visiting is provided in the charts below. You’ll notice that things people are generally doing consist of texting friends, updating/reading social networks (i.e. Facebook, MySpace), and browsing non-TV related web content. Surprisingly, however, 23% of mobile Internet users say they sometimes search for information related to the last commercial they saw. No mention in the study about Check-in / Social TV services, but an earlier report from SideReel found that only 10% are willing to broadcast their viewing activity. So much for TV viewing being a “passive experience.” It’s starting to become white noise for those with an attention span of a gnat.

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