Ubuntu Gains Multitouch Control via Webcam Visual Input

The students at ENAC have got a new trick up their sleeve. Remember, they’re the ones who managed to give non-touch enabled software uTouch support in Ubuntu with a technology they call GINN. Now, they’re figured out a way to use a standard webcam to track hand gestures and convert them into commands the OS can use. According to details from ENAC, “The tuiototouch bridge converts multitouch events emitted by the vision software on TUIO and injects it in the kernel, simulating a standard multitouch panel. Ubuntu Unity or your favourite multitouch-compatible software does the rest.” Now I’m curious, if one had a black keyboard on a black desk surface, if one could use both inputs together — with hand gestures being done while hovering over the keyboard? Would be cool. [via]

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3 Reactions to “Ubuntu Gains Multitouch Control via Webcam Visual Input”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is so cool I would love to use my webcam for this.

  2. Linards says:

    HOW DA HELL TO INSTALL THIS tuiototouch from ENACs ???

  3. sarfaraz shaikh says:

    How to install ? Please give brief tutorial of installation and requirement