Twitter’s Real-time Activity Spills Over to Live TV Engagement

RWW has a great post on “What Glee Means for Twitter & Television.” As many of you already know, more and more people are watching TV with their smartphone, tablet, or notebook by their side, updating friends on their viewing activity through various social networks. As such, one can easily follow a status update, fan page, or twitter hashtag (i.e. #Glee) to keep tabs on their favorite shows. Well, it turns out that the TV show Glee has caught on to this behavior and are encouraging characters of the show to tweet updates throughout the premiere showing (Eastern time) of each episode. The result has been a big success, creating a real must-see TV experience for fans. No doubt the show’s demographic plays well into the tactic.

Another area where Social TV has been a big hit for a wider range of people has been with nationally broadcasted live events like sports games and award shows. There’s just something intoxicating about having a collective experience that everyone can react to in real-time. It’s akin to being at the movies and experiencing the buzz of excitement or fear in the theater. Personally, I was channel flipping throughout the Golden Globes this past weekend, but according to TweetReach, the event hit a peak of 3,554 tweets per minute for the hashtag #GoldenGlobes. That’s huge! No doubt Ricky Gervais’ colorful commentary had much to do with that (see below — hilarious).


As a side note, MTV, in my opinion, has been the leader in this space. They have, on several occasions, already tapped the Twitterverse for live feedback on their award shows — both with custom online dashboards and in-program TV sets next to the hosts. MTV has also recently added extended scenes, placed strategically throughout the length of a show, in their online player to further enhance program viewing (sampledon’t judge). My hope is that we’ll be seeing this kind of enhanced TV viewing coming from the Internet and TV networks on our next generation Smart TVs in an integrated manner. The future looks bright, people.

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