$99 XBMC / Apple TV Looks Amazing (UPDATE: XBMC App for iPad Details)

Engadget received a jailbroken Apple TV (black) with XBMC pre-installed (no word on who the sender was… FireCore?). They say it’s not a simple port that anyone can install on the ARM-based device just yet. Nevertheless, the following video is going to get a lot people excited — especially when one considers all the things XBMC can do that the defaut OS can’t (starting to sound like a DROID commercial there). Engadget says it offers full hardware acceleration and support for up to 1080p video, though they do note some occasional choppiness and dropped frames with full 1080p playback. I’m thinking platforms like Boxee, who’ve got hardware partners now (D-link, Iomega), aren’t going to be too thrilled that a repurposed $99 device may soon be adding more competitive pressure to their niche. Or maybe not?

UPDATE1 : XBMC.org has more details on their blog — including details on a full version of XBMC for the iPad / iPhone4 (not a XBMC remote)!!! They’ve got the source code up for people interested in installing it. They warn… while it works on the iPhone4, it’s not ideal (screenshot). FYI, if the XBMC devs have it working with Apple’s ARM-based products, it theoretically will be able to work, with minor tweaks, on any ARM-based TV streamer or portable. Keep an eye out for this in the future. You are witnessing the power of open-source software development, people. They do these things because they can — not because it makes business sense (or not) for their bottom line.

UPDATE 2: Lifehacker – How to Install XBMC on Your Apple TV 2 (in 3 easy steps – uses Seas0nPass by FireCore)



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2 Reactions to “$99 XBMC / Apple TV Looks Amazing (UPDATE: XBMC App for iPad Details)”

  1. Greg W says:

    If they ported over Milkdrop (an audio visualizer originally from Winamp), then I’ll definitely get an AppleTV 2 and jailbreak it for XBMC! I remember being mesmerized by the Milkdrop displays in XBMC for the original XBox. They were really impressive but I believe it uses some DirectX commands which may not be ported to Mac, Linux, AppleTV 2, etc. Also, I hope it still has the ability to record from SHOUTcast stations…. Over a span of 2 days one year, I had XBMC capture enough Christmas music that it took 3 months to listen to it all!

  2. Amit Kumar Singh says:

    any one out there . 
    I want to access on my TV the following at the SAME time


    MY MEDIA (movies) + music (with the Genius Feature of Itunes for automatic playlist creatiion) on my TV


    PAID CONTENT (Itunes)
    in other words best of XBMC and APPLE TV
    and hey if any device gets me this then i would take it ATV or some
    android/linux box . My guess is only a hacked Apple TV can do it .
    any one thinks better please post