Twonky’s DLNA Demo at CES 2011 Shows Why DLNA’s Popularity (or Lack Thereof) is Marketing and App Related

The attached video below published by TDL shows some fantastic capabilities present in Twonky’s Android app. For example, it shows that it can beam music, video, and photo content from the handset, or from a detected local home media server, to a DLNA-enabled HDTV or home stereo. On top of that, it can beam video clips found online — from, say, a site like YouTube — via the handset’s browser to the TV for playback. It’s all quite remarkable, really (Engadget also has a nice video on HTC’s Media Link DLNA streamer that’s worth a look). However, this demo also sheds light on why DLNA isn’t more popular or better known than Apple’s AirPlay technology, which literally has only been around for a few months. The reason, I’m guessing, is twofold: lack of marketing / unified terminological and lack of app / software developer interest or awareness. Thankfully, however, the latter may soon change thanks to DLNA’s announcement this month that it’s now providing software certification to all interested parties — like those outside its member base — who wish to sell “directly to consumers through retailers, websites and mobile application stores.” Guys… what took you so long?!


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