Bet You Didn’t Know Windows Media Center Embedded Had a Showing at CES 2011

Attached is a demo of Prime Time’s Windows Media Center Embedded IPTV set-top box recorded by TDL. You’ll see that Prime Sense has refined the UI to better match its sensibilities and bundled it with a nice TV web browser and gyro + QWERTY keyboard remote. However, the part that you should focus on is that the WMCE set-top box does not rely on cable or satellite, but taps the Internet for its video streams and EPG details, thus making WMCE an attractive solution to smaller TV service providers who wish to compete in the market. While watching the video, it occurred to me that a net-top / set-top box loaded with WMCE would make a nice Smart TV solution, if people could by them off the shelf and activate them with their TV service provider of choice. Would definitely shake the industry up.

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