Rovi Launches What’s On TV iPad App, Sprinkles in Social TV Functionality

Like the Xfinity iPad app from Comcast, but not a subscriber? Well, Rovi earlier this month launched a free iPad app called What’s On TV that provides users a swipe-friendly program guide (compatible with most services), search, in-depth program/cast details, program recommendations, and social functionality that taps Twitter for related tweets and check-ins. Overall the design looks fairly clean and pretty straight forward. It’s also nice that the app uses a ubiquitous service like Twitter, which most people already use to discuss and monitor reactions to their favorite TV shows, instead of requiring one to signup for a new service most of their friends probably aren’t on. The trade-off to having an app that doesn’t come from your TV service provider, however, is that you won’t have remote functionality or be able to access on-demand or live TV content. But, hey… that might be OK for the purpose this app serves.

UPDATE: Rovi says social functionality can be expanded with additional services beyond Twitter:

@agrundner What’s On app currently checks-in via your twitter account but we’ve built it on our webservices so easily extensible ^MP

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