Cisco Videoscape Demo at CES 2011

OK, now that we can all view Cisco’s presentation of Videoscape at CES 2011 (previously they posted a bogus video demo on their product page — it’s still there, by the way) the new Videoscape platform is hands down the most advanced Smart TV platform unveiled to date. I stated that they’ve taken a page from Google TV, but actually they’ve really gone a few steps further into the future of what’s possible. See for yourself below. Cisco has ingeniously combined a TV service provider’s live / on-demand / DVR TV content with third-party web content and your friends’ social stream — all nicely laid out in their own columns. On top of that, they’ve integrated Umi web TV chat / video sharing, third-party app support, and provided a unified control / playback interface (with sync capability) across mobile, tablet, game console (think: extender), and most likely PC as well. As I previously stated, the downside to Cisco’s strategy for users is that the TV service providers will choose which functions / apps they want to enable since Videoscape is both a hardware / software solution for set-top boxes (see why that’s been a problem for TiVo).


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