Ekoore ET10TA Ubuntu Tablet Set to Launch in Early 2011

While we heard rumors that Ubuntu was working on a tablet version of its OS, but was later officially denied, we now have an Italian startup who is committed to shipping an Intel Atom-powered tablet with Ubuntu netbook edition. For those unfamiliar, this particular edition includes multi-touch support and a netbook-optimized interface called Unity that should play nice on the tablet form factor. The only thing left to improve upon is the touch keyboard, which the company devs say they are currently working on (correction: the statement actually refers to the TENQ P07). A demo of the Ekoore ET10TA in action is attached below. FYI, the tablet will also be available with Windows 7 installed. Starting price: approx. $635.

UPDATE 1: It looks the the tablet is available now! Check the store page here.

UPDATE 2: Apparently there’s another Ubuntu tablet in development, from China, called the TENQ P07, which has similar specs to the Ekoore ET10TA but uses a 32GB SSD for instant-on access.



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