Logitech Reports ‘All’s Well with Logitech Revue’; Squashes Rumor That It’s Halt Production

Happy to see that Logitech is addressing the rumor that it has halt production of its Google TV powered Logitech Revue set-top. It didn’t make sense to me that a device that gets updates pushed to it when they become available would have its production halted by the manufacture in order to give the developers of the underlying OS time to work out any issues or improve its capabilities. Luckily, my gut was right (hence the reason I didn’t report the rumor). Logitech has posted on their blog that “All’s well with Logitech Revue,” production hasn’t halted, and that they will be seeing everyone at CES 2011. No doubt the earlier reports that Google asked new TV OEM partners to hold off on making any announcements at CES helped spur the rumor mill and gave the story of halted production some legs.

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