Microsoft Predicted to Announce ARM Support for Windows at CES 2011; The Trouble Is They Already Do

There’s a lot a buzz this morning that Microsoft is going embrace ARM processors so it can compete more effectively on the tablet front. Wall Street Journal’s sources tell them that it is “part of a broader push at Microsoft to make Windows more ‘modular’ so that pieces of the operating system that are unnecessary for smaller, low-power devices like tablets can be easily stripped away to make the software perform snappily on the gadgets.” Trouble is that’s what Windows Embedded Compact 7 is in a nutshell, in case people have forgotten. And no, it won’t take two years to arrive, as some are suggesting. It’s here today (check ARM compatibility). See our Computex coverage from this past May. Others in the blogosphere are speculating that it’s not going to be Windows Embedded, but a full version of Windows 7 ported to ARM. However, I strongly doubt that will be the case.

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