PLANEX Launches a Gigabit USB + SD Card Slot Network Media Server Adapter in Japan

Got to love this! PLANEX has just launched a new product in Japan that the rest of the world will desperately want when they get wind of it. The MZK-SNG02U is network adapter similar to other “plug computers” in that it can turn your external USB hard drive into a NAS device, but this one also provides DLNA/UPnP, iTunes server, SMB, FTP duties over a Gigabit Ethernet connection. The device is also equipped with an SD Card slot for easy 1-click file backup. Not bad for 8,000 yen (roughly $95). [via]

* Closest alternative I can find that’s available in the U.S. is the Sheevaplug

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2 Reactions to “PLANEX Launches a Gigabit USB + SD Card Slot Network Media Server Adapter in Japan”

  1. Actually the USB-to-LAN adapters and plug computers are not the same. You can install the full functional Linux OS such Ubuntu or Fedora on the plug PC and use it as home automation controller, for example. One LinuxMCE developer uses GuruPlug with LinuxMCE mini distribution to control his Z-Wave devices in his home. But I’m not sure that MZK-SNG02U will give the same feature.

    • Yes and no. A device like the original Pogoplug is a plug computer at its core — it just runs Pogoplug’s software. Most likely the MZK-SNG02U is the same. Though you’re right… there have been some USB-to-LAN adapters that offer basic connectivity for external drives.