AirPlay Unofficially Finds Its Way to XBMC

OK, we’ve seen an AirPlay hack that allows an iDevice to zap content over to a Mac for playback as if it were an Apple TV. Now, we’re seeing an iDevice, in this case an iPad, zap content over to XBMC running on Ubuntu / Linux. The python script, as you can see in the video, is called and like the previous hack it advertises XBMC wirelessly as a client that iOS can use to stream media to via AirPlay. No word if the python script works with XBMC on Windows, but I’ve got a feeling it eventually will. What’s more, we’ll most likely be seeing more of these type of AirPlay hacks landing on other open-source platforms to compliment DLNA/UPnP support. Show of hands of who would like to see this come to PLEX…. [via]


From: digsimhomelinuxorg | December 20, 2010

This video shows xbmc as an airplay target. The hack is actually running on a Ubuntu Box. It involves XBMC (of course), Avahi for broadcasting the airplay service and a custom python script which handles the interaction with the iPad.
What’s currently not working:

  • seeking on the ipad (don’t know how to implement the xmbc side)
  • play/pause has some problems (just requires a bit more coding but was too lazy)
  • when re-watching a video, xbmc ask if it shall continue on the last postion or start over. Don’t know how to tell xbmc to start at a gvien position without user interaction.
  • does not work in youtube app: xbmc does not know how to handle the youtube URI

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