Roku Sales Doubled When Apple TV Launched

I’ve silently been admiring Roku’s strategy to build a drop-dead simple ‘net-connected media streamer that anyone can understand, install, and easily use. It’s never had a major marketing campaign, no interesting jingle that plays back over and over in your mind, and it surely doesn’t tell your friends how cool you are. It’s a device that originally just brought you Netflix from the Internet to your TV. Now Roku has dozens of app channels, can stream up to 1080p HD on certain models, and is apparently out selling the competition. Well, actually, thanks to the competition. According to Roku CEO, Anthony Wood, the launch of Apple TV has brought even more awareness to the product. And complex devices running Google TV have made Roku a much simpler alternative to bring web content to the TV. Wood tells Business Insider Roku is on track to sell its millionth device within the month and reach $50 million in revenue. Roku expects to hit $100 million in revenue for 2011. Not too shabby for a relatively small, privately held company. FYI, the $99 Roku XD|S (launched: 9/22/10) is currently Amazon’s #1 best selling digital media adapter.

UPDATE 12/21/10: Apple’s press machine is out with the news that the new Apple TV will hit one million units sold this month as well.

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