Motorola Teases Honeycomb-based Android Tablet for CES 2011, Mocks iPad and GALAXY Tab in the Process

This is a gutsy move! Motorola obviously feels confident that its partnership with Google will produce the most advanced tablet to hit the market in 2011. We saw an early glimpse of the device at D: Dive into Mobile, courtesy of Andy Rubin’s demo (shown above). So far we know the device is based on the next version of Android called Honeycomb (hence the bumblebee reference at the end of the video), features a native tablet UI with custom apps, and sports a dual-core Tegra 2 processor. As such, Motorola felt compelled to poke a little fun at the competition by highlighting that both the Apple iPad and Samsung GALAXY Tab run smartphone operating systems (me: as well as similar hardware specs). It’s time to evolve, Motorola says. True… but will Motorola and Google actually deliver the goods? Motorola might nail the hardware, but people are finicky about their UIs. Not sure it’s time to be cocky.


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