Blockbuster Still Has the 28 Day Advantage In-store, by Mail, and On-demand for New Movie Releases, Despite What’s Being Reported

I almost fell for the news, from sites like Gizmodo and Fast Company, that Blockbuster got bumped down to waiting for new movie releases 28 days later like everyone else (i.e. Netflix, Redbox, etc.). Turns out, if one reads the original news report or the press release, NCR, the operator of the Blockbuster Express kiosks has decided to stick to the 28 day delay window — the same as it has always been — in order to keep costs down. NCR’s decision has nothing to do with agreements Blockbuster Inc. already has in place with studios. I guess NCR’s recent trails in select cities for same day and date new movie release rentals at $2.99 a night didn’t pan out. Shame, would have been nice. So, anyway… until a press release from Blockbuster Inc. says otherwise about its 28 day advantage, the ad below (released this month) is still accurate and relevant — no matter how much Netflix-loving fans dislike the company. To recap: Express kiosks != Blockbuster’s primary business. As you can see in the graphic above, the 28 day advantage has only ever applied to “stores, by mail, on demand.”

Blockbuster Express Facebook Page – About/Info
BLOCKBUSTER Express is a self-service movie rental service, offering consumers a wide selection of new release and catalog DVDs through conveniently located kiosks. BLOCKBUSTER Express began in 2008 as part of a strategic alliance between BLOCKBUSTER Inc., a leading provider of in-home movies and entertainment, and NCR Corporation, the global leader in self-service devices.


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