Google Rolls Out Google TV’s First Software Update, Intros New Remote Control App for Android

Google has just pushed out a Google TV software update to its flagship products, the Logitech Revue and Sony Internet TV. It brings two major improvements. First, the Google TV guys worked with Netflix to provide users the ability to search and stream any movie or TV show that’s available in Netflix’s Watch Instantly catalog. Users can also now add titles to their queue and view content recommendations based on their viewing history. The second thing the Google TV team added/enabled is the ability to resize and move the Dual View window — the window which shows live TV — when you’re surfing the ‘net or sending out a tweet about your favorite show or sporting event.

Below is a video of Google TV’s new companion remote control app [Android Market] that allows users to control their set-top/TV via touch or voice. Additionally, it has the ability to zap web content/pages from the smartphone direct to a TV for playback or bookmarking (very nice). But the best feature may be that multiple people in front of the TV can control Google TV with their handset’s remote app. In other words, no more sharing of a remote (or phone) required.


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