Comcast Testing a Smart TV Set-top Box Dubbed ‘Xcalibur’

It appears that a lucky few Comcast subscribers are currently testing a set-top box prototype that’s capable of displaying content from the web, live TV, on-demand, and from the DVR using a unified search function similar to Google TV/Logitech Revue on DISH Network. The set-top box, which goes by the name Xcalibur internally, is currently able to stream content from select Internet sources and can update social profiles, but it can’t surf the web or install apps at the moment. According to the Wall Street Journal, Comcast is not sure how they are going to price the device or if they are even going to launch it anytime soon. My 2-cents: I think for every one’s sake Comcast needs to “get it right” before attempting to play ball with the established players. What’s more, Comcast should forget about charging a premium to use such a device and just roll it into its next-generation cable box to remain competitive. Also, throw in DLNA/UPnP functionality so users can playback locally available content on their TVs. In fact, Broadcom, just today, announced such a platform.

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