Blockbuster Tests $2.99 Per Night New Movie Release Rentals at Kiosks

The timing on this story couldn’t be any better. Over the weekend I wanted to rent a new movie release title for a get together. As such, I headed straight to Blockbuster to pick up the movie. The title cost me $4.99 to rent for 3 days, but then later I learned that there was a Blockbuster Express kiosk next door at Safeway which rents movies for $1 a night. I thought… darn I could have saved a few bucks. So when I returned the movie the following day I stopped by to see if the title I rented was available through the machine. Turns out all new movie releases that Blockbuster gets in-store are not available through Blockbuster Express until a later date — just like on Redbox. Anyway, the news now is that Blockbuster is testing a $2.99 pre night new movie release DVD rental arrangement in four major cities (Atlanta, Miami, Phoenix, and San Francisco), according to the Wall Street Journal. I don’t know about you, but I think this sounds like a great way to get a hold of new movie releases at a discount without having to sign up for a rental subscription. Hopefully, the one night rental pricing will trickle over to on-demand offerings at some point as well (would be nice).

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