Netflix Adds Streaming Only Plan for $7.99/mo, Increases Prices on the Rest

Well, people’s wish for a dirt-cheap unlimited streaming, no DVD plan has materialized today for $7.99/mo. It also has ushered in a new pricing scheme that has bumped up plan prices from $1 — $8 depending on the number of DVDs you want out a month. Reason for increase (closest thing I can find from Netflix’s blog post): Netflix cites it’s spending “a vast majority” of its time and resources creating the best watch instantly experience for its users. It’s either that or they’re trying to make their bottom line look a little sweeter to investors.

Reactions from Netflix users:

Anonymous said…
Of the eight movies in my queue that are available now, only one doesn’t say “Short Wait” “Long Wait” or “Very Long Wait.” I recently switched from two at a time (unlimited, Blu-Ray) to one because that’s pretty much all I’ve been getting anyway due to the long waits. Your service is getting slower and you decide to charge more? My warm fuzzies for Netflix have grown cold.
NOVEMBER 22, 2010 6:16 AM

Anonymous said…
Not happy with the $3 increase for the 3 DVDs at a time plan, especially when the others are only going up a $1. We don’t watch tons of movies every month, but it’s nice to have 3 sitting around so we can have a little variety. For $19.99 (plus taxes) a month, it almost becomes not worth it for me.
NOVEMBER 22, 2010 6:18 AM

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1 Reaction to “Netflix Adds Streaming Only Plan for $7.99/mo, Increases Prices on the Rest”

  1. Do you know if prices are going to increase for existing customers if we keep our ##-DVD out plans?