Netflix CEO Confirms the Obvious: People Aren’t Crazy about Watching Long-form Video on Portable Devices

Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, stunned the Web 2.0 Summit moderator (and possibly many in the audience) this week when he responded that portable devices like the iPhone and iPad have had “very little” impact on their business. It’s actually kind of funny to watch (jump to: 02:51). The moderator, with his iPad by his side, is all excited to learn how his “magical” device has transformed Netflix’s biz and is literally taken aback when he gets an answer he wasn’t expecting. It turns out (surprise!) people prefer large screens for watching full length movies. To that point, apps for the Xbox 360, PS3, and the Wii have been “phenomenal,” says Hastings, and have had a “huge” impact. Think about it… people aren’t going to sit around and watch a 2 hour movie on a small screen device when they can more comfortably view it on a big screen TV — that’s not to say, under the right circumstances, they won’t try, though.

* Hat tip to Engadget for the lead


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