$99 Orb TV (SD) Launches, HDMI Version to Follow

If you remember a few months back, software developer, Orb, got into the hardware biz with its new Orb Music device. Soon thereafter we learned that a TV version of the product was under development. Well, folks, today Orb is introducing Orb TV (VP-1). The $99 device is capable of playing web video from any source on your TV (including Hulu and Netflix) and is managed using an app on your handheld device (apps available for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android) which features a browser-free, Orb curated list of content. As you may remember with Orb Music, the device requires a server app called Orb Controller to be installed and running on your Mac or Windows PC to do all the heavy lifting. This is also how the device is able to skirt around security measures that prevent competitors like Google TV and the Boxee Box to access content from services like Hulu. Drawback: the VP-1 only offers composite/component outputs for SD video. But don’t fret… an HD version with HDMI is in the pipeline.

Audio playback

  • 24 bit digital resolution
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20,000 Hz
  • Audio formats supported: MP3, MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3, 4), AAC, Lossless, WMA, WAV
  • User configurable maximum volume limit

Video playback

  • TV standards NTSC, PAL
  • TV output formats: Composite (CVBS), Component (YPrPb)
  • Video formats supported: H.264 BP/MP/HP, VC-1 SP/MP/AP, MPEG4 SP/ASP, MPEG2 MP, MPEG1


With Smartphone-controlled Orb TV, Consumers Can Also Watch Movies, YouTube, Home Videos, Photos and More

OAKLAND, Calif, Nov. 18, 2010 – Orb Networks (www.orb.com) today launched the first Internet TV product that allows consumers to watch thousands of online TV shows from Hulu, ESPN3, Comedy Central and more by bringing it to the home TV for comfortable, big screen viewing. Orb TV is now available for $99, offering a complete home entertainment solution that is easy to set up, and simply controlled through a convenient smartphone app (iPhone, Android, iPad, iPod Touch).

In addition to online TV, Orb TV provides consumers with easy access to thousands of movies on their TV, via Netflix. Orb TV also makes it easy to stream home videos, YouTube and photos to the TV, for viewing with friends and family

Unlike many other Internet TV solutions that are complicated, expensive or lacking in the availability of TV shows, Orb TV is simple and affordable and does not require additional purchases. Orb TV transforms any TV into an Internet-connected TV that is easily controlled via a smartphone. Because it leverages the consumer’s existing investment in their TV, home computer and smartphone, it offers an easy and affordable way for consumers to enter the new world of connected TV.

“With Orb TV, people are no longer locked into watching their favorite online TV shows on a small PC or Mac computer screen,” said Joe Costello, CEO and founder, Orb Networks. “We make it easy for consumers to enjoy popular TV shows on any TV, in any room of the house. With the smartphone, consumers no longer have to worry about losing the remote for the TV, and it has a familiar interface that consumers are accustomed to.”

Getting started with Orb TV is easy and quick . Users simply download the free Orb Caster software to their PC or Mac; next they plug in the Orb TV unit –a hockey-puck sized device — into any TV in the home; finally they download the free Orb controller app to their smartphone.

To help consumers easily find and watch their favorite shows, the Orb controller app features a powerful and easy-to-use global index of TV shows. Consumers can type in the name of the show they want and then Orb quickly finds the show, without requiring the user to specify its source (e.g. Hulu, ABC, CBS, etc).

Orb TV is now available for $99 and can be ordered online at orb.com.

About Orb Networks

Based in Oakland, California, Orb Networks, Inc. is the leader in digital media streaming solutions for the digital home and remote access applications. In addition to Orb TV, Orb Networks recently announced the Orb Music Player ($69) that streams iTunes and Pandora to any home stereo. Focused on enabling the enjoyment of media anytime, anywhere, the company develops and markets PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux) software, smartphone applications and web application services. For more information about Orb products, please visit www.orb.com.

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