Blackberry PlayBook Schools Apple’s First Generation iPad in Browser Performance

Below is a video put together by RIM showing off the advanced browser capabilities provided in the upcoming Blackberry Playbook (ETA Q2 2011). You’ll see that the PlayBook outperforms the iPad in just about every way. The Playbook loads pages significantly faster, it can play Flash content, it gets a 100/100 Acid 3 test score without any pixel artifacts, and it provides superior HTML5 canvas element rending. No doubt PlayBook’s 1GHz dual-core processor has a little something to do with that (iPad only provides a single-core 1GHz processor). [via]

Aside: I got a chance to play with Samsung’s GALAXY Tab (1024×600) over the weekend and found that the criticism about 7-inch displays being too small for a tablet has some merit — but not a deal breaker. When scanning several web pages it was clear that it was difficult to read text in portrait mode without having to zoom in. Landscape was no problem, though. Readability of text in native apps was excellent. I’m guessing one would have the same experience with the Blackberry PlayBook (1024×600).


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