Tablet Recap: JooJoo Dies Quietly, HP Slate Surges, Android Looks to 2011

You may have heard the news that Fusion Garage has decided to discontinue the infamous 12-inch JooJoo tablet that beat Apple and HP to the newly formed consumer tablet market [UPDATE: JooJoo will be rebranded, fine-tuned and sold by FG partners]. Originally envisioned as the CrunchPad by TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington, the tablet was rebranded as the JooJoo by former hardware / software partner Fusion Garage after a heated split. In any case, the JooJoo disappointed when it was released in both usability and overall sales — eventually bested by Apple’s breakout hit, the iPad.

The iPad also seemed to have taken a toll on the HP Slate, which HP decided to shelve after Apple fanboys criticized the device for only lasting approximately 4 hours on a single charge with netbook internals compared to iPad’s 10 hours with smartphone internals. However, HP recently reconsidered. They decided to put the HP Slate 500 up for sale via its business channel sans the consumer-centric tablet layer UI previously showcased. Well, it turns out that demand for a Windows based tablet was underestimated. According to Engadget, HP produced a limited run of 5,000 units and was met with 9,000 orders in less than a month — putting the device on backorder.

Another disappointment was Android. Android got tons of coverage for landing on a myriad of tablets from various OEMs due to its free, open-source nature. Unfortunately, though, only a very small percentage of those devices were ever brought to market. The problem: Android’s smartphone UI doesn’t translate very well to larger tablet screens. Then there’s the issue for OEMs around legally accessing the Android Market for downloading apps — not to mention custom tablet layer interfaces by many of those same OEMs, which helped feed Android fragmentation. In 2011, however, things may be different. Rumor has it Google will offer a tablet optimized version of its Android OS and provide a channel for tablet apps. We’ll see…. FYI, Fusion Garage’s next tablet — not named JooJoo — will be Android-based.

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