Ubuntu 11.04 to Include Unity as the Default Desktop Interface (Look Out Mac OS X Lion)

I hinted to this yesterday with our post on uTouch atop Ubuntu’s new Unity interface for notebooks. It turns out that Ubuntu will include, according to Ubuntu founder, Mark Shuttleworth, at the Ubuntu Developer Summit going on this week (video coverage), its custom Unity interface as the default UI on top of GNOME for release 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) set for April 2011. However, unlike the version we’ve seen targeted to netbooks in 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat), this version will be more desktop friendly, have a dock that can be positioned anywhere, and will make use of Compiz for its 3D effects. Combine this with uTouch (ubuntu’s multi-touch backend) and the improved Ubuntu Software Center (introduced in 10.04 this past April), which offers free, proprietary, for purchase, and soon donation-ware applications, and you have a true competitor to Mac OS X Lion in terms of what Apple is going after with its next OS X operating system inspired by capabilities found in iOS and its App Store.

Other firsts for Ubuntu that haven’t received much attention from popular gadget/tech news websites: Ubuntu One (integrated cloud storage and file syncing), Ubuntu One Music Store (purchases can be made and stored to the cloud), remote music streaming (includes support for iPhone and Android), integrated social networking client and system notifications (details on all)


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  1. The Negative Shape says:

    ubuntu 11.04 should come with AWN Lucido by default xD