Ubuntu Demos uTouch Atop Ubuntu’s New Unity Interface for Netbooks

We’ve covered uTouch and Ubuntu Netbook Edition (UNE) on this site before — noting that the company is steps away from being able to create their own tablet OS variant (something that was rumored about earlier this year). Now the Ubuntu Developer channel has produced a video demonstrating uTouch atop Ubuntu’s new Unity interface in release 10.10 (available now) for touch-enabled netbooks and tablet PCs. As you’ll see in the video below, uTouch makes multitasking, pinch-and-zooming, touch gaming, and the like a relative breeze once you’ve mastered the various gesture controls. FYI, uTouch and Unity is also available to desktop versions of Ubuntu as well and can be operated via a variety of touch-enabled devices like Apple’s new Magic Trackpad. Aside: Isn’t this pretty much what Apple was just showcasing with its upcoming, iOS-inspired Mac OS X Lion operating system (see second video)? [via]


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