Logitech Tugs at Your Heartstrings to Showcase Its Logitech TV Cam for Google TV

I was just browsing the Logitech blog and noticed they’ve posted a new video / commercial showing off their $149.99 Logitech TV Cam connected to a Logitech Revue for HDTV video calling. Overall, the video is produced fairly well. However, I couldn’t help noticing they’re really working the remote family connection benefit — and that music…. To further help bring home the point, the Logitech blog added the following details:

Almost a fifth of American adults have made a video call, according to survey results released by Pew Research last week. That’s no surprise considering that approximately 50 percent of grandparents live over 200 miles away from their grandchildren, according to the AARP (PDF). Long distance relationships are also on the rise, according to a recent USA Today article citing a recent study in the journal Communication Research, which “finds that as many as half of college students are in long-distance relationships, and up to 75% will be at some point.”


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