WHDI Mobile Handset-to-HDTV Streaming Planned for 2012

Amimon’s CEO, Yoav Nissan-Cohen, tells EE Times India that people can expect to see Wireless High-Definition Interface (WHDI) technology on their handsets and tablet devices in 2012. However, unlike current WHDI solutions that require a special chip and hardware, the handset implementation will make use of software to mirror a mobile device’s display to an HDTV. A quick explanation is posted below of what’s needed to get this done.

For regular data transmission, Wi-Fi already rules at home. But there is no other wireless technology out there capable of virtually no-latency HD-video transmission. Amimon is still hopeful of sharing Wi-Fi’s radio, adding a small logic (“a trivial gate count,” according to Nissan-Cohen) to Wi-Fi’s MAC, so that Amimon can eventually offer “WHDI in software IP” to mobile handset vendors.

In short, if everything goes according to Amimon’s plan, mobile phone companies can offer “low-cost, low-power, virtually zero-latency, high-range wireless video capability for free,” without adding another wireless MAC/radio chip to their handsets. Further, when WHDI is set in motion in a handset, the handset’s screen goes dark, added Nissan-Cohen. “It means enormous energy savings. Well, we can even say that WHDI gives them free energy!”

With all joking aside, Amimon’s Nissan-Cohen is serious. He promised that WHDI in handset in 2012.

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