DISH Network Offers the Logitech Revue to Subscribers for $179

As most of you are already aware, DISH Network is the exclusive TV / DVR provider for the Google TV platform. Now we’re learning that the cozy relationship means that DISH Network subscribers will be able to buy the Logitech Revue direct from the TV provider for only $179. That’s a $120.99 saving from the $299.99 list price. Not bad… just be aware that DISH Network has previously talked about charging subscribers around $3/mo extra to tie the Logitech Revue into their service. [via]

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1 Reaction to “DISH Network Offers the Logitech Revue to Subscribers for $179”

  1. Cannabal says:

    Hi my name is Jason I am a dish network employee, I have had lots of opportunity to play with the Logitech Revue, I personally think that is a great step forward in TV. At least now you can get your loved ones out from in front of the computer, and now they can Facebook on the TV during commercials.