Could Logitech Be Working on the Ultimate Smart TV Sneak Attack?

I was just thinking about the last couples days’ news regarding Google TV. We know the Logitech Revue works exclusively, at least for a short period of time, with DISH Network’s TV / DVR service. And we also learned that Sony’s Google TV-powered HDTVs will have “direct integration with select [TV] service providers” (keywords being direct integration). So, if we try and connect the dots, wouldn’t it be likely that Logitech may down the line offer a Logitech Revue model with CableCARD support? If this happened, the Logitech Revue would become the ultimate Smart TV device available when compared to what’s currently out or forecasted (actually, I just remembered… Microsoft is flirting with the idea — the technology is there — for supporting CableCARDs with Windows Media Center Embedded). The device would work with any HDTV set via HDMI and would be compatible with all Google TV partner service providers. The more I think about it, the more Logitech and Google should be working on this — if they’re not already.

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  1. Frank Hagan says:

    I'm not sure that the Revue works exclusively, as in only, with the Dish DVRs. The Revue Compatibility Page stresses that it works right now with dozens of set top boxes.

    Dish evidently provides more integration with the Revue, but Dish is also planning to charge $4 a month for that integration while discounting the Revue by $120. In 30 months you break even, and then you're paying $4 a month for something you could have for free (albeit without the extra layer of integration).

    The exciting thing for me is the DLNA abilities of the Google TV platform. Unlike Roku and Apple TV, you can stream your own music, movies and pictures stored on a NAS or, in my case, WHS. I currently do that with a HTPC, but it doesn't have the “wife acceptance factor” that a Google TV box would have.

    The Dish solution does promise to integrate everything without having to switch inputs and push half a dozen buttons on the remote. That is worth something. I wonder what happens if you buy a Revue on the open market and hook it up to your Dish DVR … does it still have the functionality without paying the $4 a month?

    • You're right. The Logitech Revue works with other TV set-top boxes via the IR blaster, but it doesn't integrate the DVR functionality and program schedule from the provider into the Google TV UI. I'm interested in seeing a demo, in any case.

      • Frank Hagan says:

        I agree; the UI is going to be the critical part of the product's success. It seems like Logitech could add a cable card for compatibility with every cable system and have a dynamite product for wide adoption.

        I wonder if any of the retailers (Best Buy, etc.) are going to have demos available.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My favorite experience was the ability to search music videos on YouTube while Jersey Shore was on commercial. The set up was all instruction driven. I hate instructions and will be a last resort but the setup is effortless. If you’re an internet geek like myself, or just a TV junky (or both lol) this is definitely for you! The Logitech Revue with Google TV was a mind altering experiencing when it comes to incorporating TV and internet. Basically Google TV turned the largest TV in my home into a computer. Amazing? To say the least! As an employee as well as being a customer of DISH Network I was pretty blown away when the demonstration took place. All I really wanted to do was find out what the process for purchase was. And of course, not only do you get it for a discounted rate as a DISH subscriber but it’s incorporates everything our HD receivers offers along side internet access. If anyone ever wants more info regarding it you can also get it out at tv. Great new product! –Christopher DeHerrera/DISH Network LLC