Orb Wi-Fi Streamer for TV Coming Soon

Hat tip to San Francisco Bay Area’s TechNow TV show on NBC. The crew met with Orb Networks to discuss the new Orb MP-1 Wi-Fi music streamer. While there, in the background, Orb also had a video version of the streamer working with an HDTV. The device is identical to the music streamer and will leverage Orb Caster in tandem with the company’s Orb Controller mobile app. According to TechNow’s host, Scott Budman, the Orb video streamer will be available soon and priced around $120.

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5 Reactions to “Orb Wi-Fi Streamer for TV Coming Soon”

  1. andrewmclaughlin says:

    Nice pick up Alex!

    Sonos really missed the boat here. Love their product, but why on earth have that not bought Roku or something, or just built a video solution. And why no IR blaster, or home automation? Anyway, I predict that home-automation is going to get huge in 2011 as zigbee zwave starts to get more pronounced.

  2. GanjaGadget says:

    Will the tv version include the features of the music streamer or will I need to buy both for the livingroom?

    • Each has its own audio or video connections. Not sure if the video version has both audio and video connections on one unit (it might…). Unfortunately, the rear connections for the video version weren't shown in the TV segment.

  3. GanjaGadget says:

    Will this work with a ceton infintv cablecard tuner in my main HTPC and allow me to stream DRM laden shows around the house?