ARCHOS 43 Internet Tablet Gets the Hands-on Treatment

Charbax at has posted a fantastic hands-on video of ARCHOS’ new 4.3-inch Android MID/Tablet, the ARCHOS 43 Internet Tablet. As you’ll see in the video attached here, the $199, 16GB ARCHOS 43 packs quite a punch, feature-wise, in such a svelte package. The device has obviously been designed with VoIP calls in mind, HD video recording, HDTV media playback, and gaming (on the handset or to the TV). People these days talk about “cutting the cord” when it comes to their Cable TV service — opting instead for Internet TV solutions. Well, the ARCHOS 43 can probably help you cut your home or cellular phone service by switching you to something that’s also Internet-based, which would be relatively cheap or free. Question: Anyone currently using Android with Skype or SIP-based VoIP services? If yes, tell us about your experience(s) and what you’d recommend.

UPDATE 10/5/10: Fantastic news! Skype and Fring have both today launched Android apps for placing and receiving phone calls.


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1 Reaction to “ARCHOS 43 Internet Tablet Gets the Hands-on Treatment”

  1. Coby Heise says:

    My jealousy that Charbax gets to demo all the cool Archos products aside (yes, I said “cool”. I know they're a bit rough around the edges, but I laud Archos for being first-to-market w/ many of their devices), I'd really like to see whether or not the Archos 43 MP3/MP4 player ever sees the light of day. Based on the product pics and description on Archos' website alone, I'd like to make it my next mini music/video device.

    Alex, reviews for the similarly-named Android tablet in your article above have been in the toilet, from what I've seen, but it still looks pretty good – especially at a mere 200 smackaroos! Besides, “pro” reviews always seem to be so unpredictable. I always try to find out what folks like you and Charbax have to say about a given product.