Say Hello to the Hockey Puck-sized Orb MP-1 Wi-Fi Music Streamer

Interested a Sonos alternative that won’t break the bank and allows you to control music in different rooms with only your smartphone? If yes, the $69 Orb MP-1 may just be the ticket.

This relatively inexpensive device works with your Mac or Windows PC and does two things essentially through software and hardware. A utility app called Orb Caster on your computer indexes your music collection and makes it available for playback via the Orb MP-1 (the hockey puck looking thing above) connected to a stereo, boombox, or powered speakers. Just select the music you want to play, and to which device, using the Orb Controller app ($10 extra — and you can’t control the system without it) on your iPhone or Android phone and you’re set. All the magic happens over Wi-Fi.

The system can be configured with multiple Orb MP-1 devices around the home (you can give each Orb MP-1 powered zone its own unique name) and even allows multiple users to access their Orb Caster accounts, with their own phones, providing a personalized experience. Heck, the Orb music system is even Pandora, Sirius, and iTunes compatible!

Things I’d like to see added: Linux support (i.e. Ubuntu), Windows Home Server support, internet radio/shoutcast, and streaming playback of music stored locally on a mobile handset.

Additional pics at DVICE.

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