HTC Shows the Desire HD Can ‘Play To’

Forgive the pun in the headline… I couldn’t resist. HTC has posted an in-depth video on its forthcoming Desire HD Android handset. Like we mentioned earlier, the Desire HD will include DLNA capabilities that will allow it to stream photos, music, and video to DLNA-enabled devices like a “Smart TV” (should work with DLNA-enabled digital photo frames, Wi-Fi radios, and networked media players as well) or to a standard TV with the company’s Media Link wireless adapter. You may have previously thought Apple’s proprietary AirPlay technology was the only platform capable of doing this — but you’d be wrong. DLNA, an industry standard, has had this functionality built into their spec. for a while now. Above is a screenshot from the video below (jump to 3:10) of how the HTC Sense UI looks for beaming media to a specific device. FYI, Samsung and Motorola have similar DLNA capabilities on some of their latest smartphone handsets.


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